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Webinar on the Redfish 2021.1 release
Monday, May 24th
Hosted on Zoom
Presented by the Redfish Forum

The Forum chairs presented the contents of the release. Redfish extended the composability model to add multi-client support. Resource blocks can now be allocated to free pools or active pools so a client can easily understand their resource usage. A new Compose action was also added to allow clients to provide a manifest of operations that describe a desired outcome. Enhancements to the networking model were introduced to add Ethernet-related metrics to the NetworkAdatper, NetworkDeviceFunction, and Port resources. In addition, LLDP control was added to NetworkAdapter and Port. New models were added to represent USB controllers and graphics controllers. These resources can be found in ComputerSystem and allow for representing their ports.

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Webinar on the Redfish 2020.4 release
Friday, March 5th
Hosted on Zoom
Presented by the Redfish Forum

The Forum chairs presented the contents of the release including focusing on: new power and thermal modeling, ‘Conditions’ within the common ‘Status’ property, and additional account types added to manager accounts.

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