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DMTF’s Redfish® API is an open industry standard specification and schema that helps enable simple and secure management of modern scalable platform hardware. By specifying a RESTful interface and utilizing JSON and OData, Redfish helps customers integrate solutions within their existing tool chains. An aggressive development schedule is quickly advancing Redfish toward its goal of addressing all the components in the data center with a consistent API.

Welcome Developers

The DMTF’s Redfish Developer Hub is a one-stop, in-depth technical resource – by developers, for developers – designed to provide all the files, tools, community support, tutorials and other advanced education you may need to help you use Redfish.

Not a developer and looking for more general information? Learn more about the DMTF's Redfish API and find out how to join the DMTF Forum responsible for Redfish.

All of the developer-focused Redfish technical files and resources, mockups and education/community information are included on these pages. The DMTF continues to add additional support to this central developer hub on a regular basis, so be sure to check back frequently!


  • Redfish Schema Index – Visit this central repository of Redfish schema files from both DMTF and the industry. With human-readable descriptions and each schema definition available for download in both CSDL (XML) and JSON-schema formats, the Redfish Schema Index is the definitive source of files for developers working with Redfish.
  • Redfish Community Publication Portal - The Redfish Community Publication Portal is a common repository for DMTF Bodies, DMTF Member Companies, and DMTF Alliance Partners.
  • Redfish Specification in HTML – In addition to its availability as a PDF download, the DMTF is pleased to provide this interactive HTML version of the Redfish Specification (which specifies the standard’s network protocol) for ease of navigation.
  • Github Repository – DMTF invites review of – and open source contributions to – Redfish tools in its public Github repos.
  • Redfish Standard Registries – Visit the repository of Redfish Standard Registries developed by the SPMF.


  • Redfish Mockups - The DMTF has developed multiple mockups so developers can interactively explore example Redfish implementations.



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