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Today’s data centers have very little in common with the designs of just a few years ago. Software-defined and hyperconverged data centers offer measurable benefits, but also bring new challenges for effective system management.  The key is end-to-end interoperable industry standards.
Multiple incompatible standards, protocols, and tools require significant expertise to use and do not scale to modern environments. Use of these outdated approaches limits innovation and interoperability, increases overhead and facilitates vendor lock-in.

Redfish is at the center of a broad ecosystem of industry collaboration, helping reduce vendor lock-in and increase the productivity of system administrators. It is purpose-built for managing today’s software-defined hybrid IT environments, using common data center technologies and modern tool chains for simple and secure management in Internet and web services environments.

Redfish enables the management of compute, network, storage and facilities equipment that use the same simple interface and provides output usable by machines and humans alike. By providing standardized management that is greater than the sum of the parts, Redfish enables flexible and scalable end-to-end interoperability for converged, hybrid IT.

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