About the Redfish API

Scalability in today’s data center is increasingly achieved with horizontal, scale-out solutions, which often include large quantities of simple servers. The usage model of scale-out hardware is drastically different than that of traditional enterprise platforms, and requires a new approach to management. 

Designed to meet the expectations of end users for simple and secure management of modern scalable platform hardware, DMTF’s Redfish® is an open industry standard specification and schema that specifies a RESTful interface and utilizes JSON and OData to help customers integrate solutions within their existing tool chains. An aggressive development schedule is quickly advancing Redfish toward its goal of addressing all the components in the data center with a consistent API. 

Interested in learning more or would like to be involved?

Work on the Redfish standard takes place in the DMTF’s Scalable Platforms Management Forum (SPMF). To learn more about SPMF membership click here.