The DMTF has developed the following mockups so developers can interactively explore sample Redfish implementations (these mockups are provided for illustration purposes, and do not represent actual implementations). Click through and navigate the data model using the provided links, and select the info icons in the JSON payload to reveal definitions and other information about each property.

Bladed System

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This example represents an enclosure of "blade servers" that share infrastructure components, such as power supplies and fans. Depicting an enclosure containing four blade servers (a total of five "Chassis"), this mockup demonstrates the modeling of multiple chassis and systems managed from a single Redfish service.

Simple Rack-mounted Server

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A typical 1U or 2U server intended for scale-out deployments.

Simple Rack-mounted Server with Local Storage

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A typical 1U or 2U server with local RAID Storage.

Simple SAS Fabric

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A managed SAS fabric with redundant switches.

Proposed OCP Redfish Profile

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This draft example, for ongoing development, represents a proposed minimal Redfish data model "profile" that meets the needs of the Open Compute Project’s Hardware Management requirements. This draft profile is intended to help define a list of required properties so that essential management-related tasks, as defined by OCP, can be performed on any Redfish implementation.